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ShowTitle3 - A script for showing URL titles (from the title tags) in irssi

I haven't tested this script in a few years, please consider it experimental.

It was originally written in 2011, and I helped debug some of the code.

It had been lost to the ages until I found it hidden away on my drives, and felt it would be useful to preserve.


The updates from this year (2021) have added some new features and fixed a couple of bugs.

I've tested it with my irssi 1.2.0-2. It needs both curl and imagemagick installed to function. Don't forget to change the temporary path in the two curl 'download' functions.

Please consider this unstable and don't run it in production else you might have to put out some fires.

On 2021-08-17 I added support for retrieving tweets from twitter, which works via Nitter (by default nitter.net but feel free to use your own instance) and I added something to show image properties using imagemagick. Fixed a couple of bugs too, and added some sanity checking. The internal changelog goes into more detail. On 2021-08-18 I added support for robots.txt that uses WWW::RobotRules

~ jcx